Hey, I’m Malachi

I’m a brand strategist and web designer helping creatives monetize their skills and services into premium packages.

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How to design a premium package to attract elite clients, step by step.

Inside the High-Ticket Handbook, learn my strategies for building high-value packages, attracting your ideal clients, and making consistent revenue without sacrificing your nights and weekends.

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Work less while making more money consistently.

As an entrepreneur in the creative space, I know the pain of working with clients who don’t see your value, getting burned out, and having to chase checks to keep money coming in.

Over the last 10 years, I recognized that most creatives feel overworked and underpaid because you don’t know how to strategically package their services, keeping you in a cycle of working with clients who don’t pay you your value.

Creatives come to me to uplevel their brand presence and rebuild their services into packages that attract higher-quality clients and generate more revenue.

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