Ready to build a brand as a top-paid creative?

I teach creative people how to increase brand awareness and their revenue with stimulating content strategy and web design.

Say no to being paid in “exposure.”

As a brand strategist, as a web designer, and as a singer-songwriter,

I know how important it is to make a living from your creative work. I also know how important it is to be paid on time.

You deserve to get paid your worth, but you have to know how to attract the right audience and communicate the value of your work.

I work with coaches, photographers, stylists, speakers, authors and designers to help them position as top-paid creatives and put a system in place to ensure money comes in on time.

Combining strategy and design to maximize results.

Let’s start with a 20-minute call or video chat to uncover who you are, your goals, and the barriers you face in growing your creative business.

Ways we can work together:


A three-week virtual coaching program designed to help you find your audience, create a content strategy and automate your business systems.

Strategy + Web Design

Amplify your brand strategy and your revenue with a custom website. After working side by side over 6 weeks, you’ll have a beautifully-crafted web design optimized to convert buyers.