Hey, I’m Malachi.

I use strategy + design to build high-end packages for creative entrepreneurs so they can make more money consistently.

Training: Strategy for attracting 4- and 5-figure clients

Learn my strategy for creating high-ticket packages and upleveling brands’ presence to acquire premium clients.

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Create a predictable revenue stream

As a creative entrepreneur, I know what it’s like to work to the point of burnout and not have the money to show for it. After running my business for 10 years, I recognized that most creatives don’t get paid what they’re worth because they don’t know how to strategically pitch and package their services.

Service-based creatives come to me to generate more revenue, attract higher quality clients, and uplevel their brand presence.

Work with me

You’re a freelancer or entrepreneur experiencing burnout from clients that don’t pay you what you’re worth. Get the framework to package and pitch your skills for profitability.

A little more about me

Since starting out designing MySpace pages over 10 years ago, I now use my branding and entrepreneurial experience to help other creatives build profitable brands.

I’ve gotten to work with companies like Procter & Gamble, the City of Atlanta, GQ and ABC, but now I spend most of my time helping entrepreneurs in industries like fashion, beauty, public speaking, photography and more.