Cheap prices bring cheap clients. Here’s how to stop undercharging

Cheap prices bring cheap clients. Here’s how to stop undercharging 1000 714 Gordon Media Company

I can’t count how many times I’ve been on Instagram and found a graphic designer advertising logos for $50 or $100. In this economy? Do you know that companies willingly pay thousands for branding?

No matter the service you provide, positioning yourself as “cheap” means you often attract cheap customers. You find yourself overworking to make a living, but you fear losing business when you raise your prices to reflect your true worth.

When commissioning logo design, no one is just looking for pretty shapes and letters. Your clients want something of value. They want a logo that is not only professional but looks distinct and embodies the personality of the brand.

Being able to communicate value is not only important for designers and other creatives, but for all businesses who sell things.

I’ve been a brand strategist and designer for 10 years. My clients get logos that reflect hours of researching, sketching, and revising to capture their vision thoroughly. I think about how the logo looks on billboards and merchandise. I think about how relevant the logo looks five years from now.

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As a customer, I want the best of the best. Cheap prices tell me you either aren’t putting in much effort to deliver premium results or that you’re overworking yourself and leaving money on the table.

High-ticket businesses focus not on the number of clients but the quality. Imagine making $1,000 from each client rather than $1,000 from 10.

Four reasons you may not make the money you deserve are that you:

  1. Don’t recognize the value you provide
  2. Don’t know how to ask for what you want confidently
  3. Consistently attract low-balling clients
  4. Think being cheap is the only way you can be competitive

Don’t waste your time trying to convince cheap clients of your worth. They are looking for cheap, not value. If you are delivering premium work, charge a premium price.

It’s your responsibility to determine your worth and to find the right clients that recognize it.

If you struggle with any of the four reasons listed here and are ready to position yourself as a high-ticket business, I’m happy to help you. Schedule a call with me here.