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Self Branding Bundle

Instantly download 4 digital guides to help you grow a respected and profitable brand regardless of your experience.

  • Find and engage your ideal audience
  • Set up an easy, automated sales process
  • Design your own website and branding
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Write powerful pitches to win dream clients
  • Be confident in asking for the money you’re worth

4 best-selling guides for 1 price — download now

Personal Branding Blueprint

Gain clarity on the people you want to serve, how to earn their trust, and what you need to create a visually appealing brand. Also learn the differences between copyright and trademarks and how to protect your ideas.

Tech Toolkit

Uncover 75 top technology tools for appointment scheduling, email marketing, designing your own graphics, selling digital products and much more. Build a seamless system to make sales with your eyes closed.

Content Topic Guide

Find inspiration from 64 content topics perfect for social media, blogging, podcasting, online courses and more. Use these to create content that engages your target audience and showcases your expertise.

Perfect Pitch Playbook

Land four- and five-figure clients with a step-by-step playbook on pitch writing. It breaks down how to nurture professional relationships, uncover your clients’ true desires, and articulate your value.

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