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Learn how I attract high-end clients and make consistent revenue as a creative – without getting burned out.

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In the training, you’ll learn:

My 3-part system to attract high-quality clients who can afford to pay you 4 and 5 figures

Mistakes preventing you from being seen (and paid) as an expert in your industry

How to strategically raise your prices and create high-end packages

Strategies to showcase your expertise and enhance your brand presence

Created by Malachi Gordon

After running my branding and web design business for 10 years, I recognized that most creatives don’t get paid what they’re worth because they don’t know how to strategically pitch and package their services.

Service-based creatives come to me to generate more revenue, attract higher quality clients, and uplevel their brand presence. In the past, I used this same expertise to work with creative brands like Fox, GQ, ABC, and more.

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